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at St James, Leith 2019

Welcome to Adventfest 2019 – a wee arts festival for a big time of year…. On the cusp of the festive season we invite you to pause, and come together for a weekend of inspiration – an Advent flicker of light in the winter darkness.

Our theme ‘Dancing in the Dark’ is borrowed from Bruce Springsteen, of course (and who knows who he borrowed it from)…an anthem that reminds us of the annunciation of the light coming into the world at Christmas - and that the darkness will never put it out.

Each year we support a local charity
that’s working to bring sparks of light into
the city. This time it’s Building Bridges - a
new charity based in Leith. They nurture
dynamic and outward-looking
communities in which people are at ease with difference - creating opportunities for dialogue, interaction,and reciprocal understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout  Sat 30th Nov

Doug Gay  Sunday 1st Dec

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